Hello WiFi World!

I wonder how many blogs start with the words “Hello World”!? Quite a few no doubt , thanks to WordPress defaults. I doubt Brian Kernigham knew his choice of words for a programming test phrase would gain such notoriety.

Anyway, here is the obligatory “welcome to my blog”. But this post isn’t designed for you, it is for me! This first post has two purposes, 1. To get something on my blog now, at launch, while I find the time to write something the world actually wants to read. And 2. the other, more important reason, is to document the start and reason for this blog.


So why have I started a blog? Truth is I’ve thought about it many times. I often find myself analysing wireless data and struggling to understand a part of the standard, or where a setting is captured, and questioning why no one has written or blogged on this particular subject before. Eventually when I figure it out or find what I need part of me believes I should write it up to help others in the future. But another part of me believes this is basic stuff that will show up how little I know.


So what changed? Well, I started listening to some WiFi podcasts including the recently relaunched WLAN Professionals one (see my list of recommended podcasts for great wireless focused podcasts). More than one of these podcasts mentioned how important blogs are for improving your technical writing, your knowledge and your community standing. Glenn Cate on the WLP Podcast episode 103 made a very convincing argument why everyone in tech should blog and made me realise it is ok to blog about simple subjects. He also made me realise you don’t have to blog every single week.


So, my goal is to put a blog article out about once a month with the hope of documenting something that will help others who are starting to find their way in the wireless world.

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