XBox One HDMI problem?

A slightly different subject matter from my normal but I wanted to publish this info somewhere it could help others.

I have one of the original XBox One’s. I got it on Launch Day for the console (never again!) so it is very much a generation 1 model, and it’s has always had a very flakey HDMI port.

The smallest nudge of the cable would make the signal cut out and I would have to remove and reinsert the cable. That was ok while the XBox had plenty of space on my office desk. But this week I decided to move it into my entertainment centre in the living room, where the HDMI cable comes in at a funny angle. No matter what I did I could not get the signal to stay on the Tv. Either I had nothing or The signal would flash/pulse on and off the screen.

I had assumed my HDMI port board connections were bad because the cable seemed to have a lot of movement . I had assumed the port was moving on the main board. But as I looked into the issue I realised that the connector was very solidly on the board, and that led me to my conclusion.

If the cable has lots of movement (not the connector) then it can’t be seating itself properly in the port. Taking a closer look I realised the problem was the amount of chassis between the connector and the cable. The result is, even with the HDMI cable pushed right up against the XBox body it still isn’t making a good connection.

So I took a Stanley knife to the rubber head of the HDMI and cut the insulation back a millimetre or two. After that the HDMI cable went into the port much further giving a stable connection and solid signal on the screen. Even with cutting back the rubber the cable still went all the way in up to the rubber insulation, showing just how bad the XBox design is, that the main board is recessed so far back.

Anyway, now I have a solid connection and a new home for my XBox so I’m chuffed. Hope this helps someone.

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